Hifzul Quran plus is an initiative towards muslim empowerment


The Key Features of our Job


At Iqra we provide financial support to poor and needy Students .


At Iqra we give quality education to the marginalised Section of our society.

Career Counselling

At Iqra, our Experts provide career couselling to all to make them excel .

Health and Hygiene

one of our top priorities is to conduct awareness programs on health and hygiene .

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    Iqra foundation program for General Awareness.

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    Iqra foundation program for Students.

  • iqra foundation

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    Iqra foundation program for Students.

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    Iqra foundation program for Students.

  • Iqra Foundations

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    Iqra foundation program for Students.

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    Iqra foundation program for Students..

Hifzul Quran Plus

Iqra Foundation for Educational and Economic Empowerment, which is known as (IFEEE) is a registered society located at R-201/ 3rd Floor Back Side Joga Bai Exten Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025. IFEEE is a result of the discourses and discussion hold in different span of time among the student community of several universities of NCR especially Jamia Millia Islamia’s research scholars and UPSC students of Centre for Coaching and Career Planning of JMI. Largely this discourses emphasis upon how can we all unified after completion of our education so that we can work all together for public awareness, institutions building, educational and economic empowerment of marginalized societies, especially of the minorities of our country India. No doubt it is much difficult task to achieve, so we thought, to accept this challenge and getting results we have to be accompanying of South Indians as well as Jammu and Kashmir both.

Considering the aforesaid issues and challenges a proposal of the society IFEEE has prepared which got final approval from registrar of societies, Government of India on 11th January 2016. It’s the official birth of the society, though the team of IFEEE is involved in the welfare of societies from very beginning of their presence in university campus. We remained engaged and providing free tutorial classes with those primary students whom parents got hired as construction labors in university campus. In a nutshell, the volunteer’s team decided to work more competently which can now access at www.iqrafoundations.com.


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